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AMC has revolutionised the movie experience their fantastic Dine In Theatres. See what’s on the latest AMC Dine In menu and more.

Here is the latest AMC Dine In menu and their prices:

Menu ItemPrice

Snacks & Shares

Ultimate Nachos$10.00
Loaded Brisket Fries*$10.49
Loaded Bacon Fries*$10.49
Wedge Lettuce Cups$10.00
Crispy Bacon Brussel Sprouts$10.00
Pretzel Bites$10.00
Dry Rub Wings$10.00
Boneless Wings$10.00
Big Bite Sampler*$12.00
Crab & Avocado Sushi Roll*$10.00
Crispy Shrimp Sushi Roll*$10.00
Caprese Flatbread$11.99
Artisan Pepperoni Flatbread$12.49


Southern Style Chicken Tenders$16.59
Fish & Chips*$16.59
Crispy Shrimp*$17.39
Chicken Quesadillas*$16.29
Taco Trio*$16.49
Asian Steak & Shrimp$16.19
BBQ Brisket Mac & Cheese*$13.29
Bacon Chicken Mac & Cheese$12.89
Grilled Chicken Quinoa*$12.79
Southwest Chicken*$12.79
Chicken Caesar Salad*$12.49
Chopped Cobb Salad$12.99


Bacon Ranch$12.29
Smoky Jalapeno*$12.59
Western BBQ$12.59


Avocado Chicken Grill*$7.99
Chipotle Chicken Melt*$7.99


Chocolate Hazelnut Churros (3)$5.99
Chocolate Hazelnut Churros (5)$9.19
Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae$10.29
Candy Milkshakes (customisable)$9.19
Orea, Vanilla, Chocolate Milkshake$9.19

AMC Dine In Kids Menu (with fries, fruit cup, drink)

Mac & Cheese*$8.00
Crispy Chicken Tenders*$8.00
Fish & Chips*$8.00
*Only available at Full Service AMC locations.

What exactly is AMC Dine In?

It’s an extra service provided by AMC at a select number of their cinema locations.

What makes the experience so special is that, on top of their standard candy bar and concessions menu, you have the option to order from a full restaurant-like menu.

On that menu, you’ll find plenty of different types of meals to choose from as well as a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re up for an extra special time, there are some exquisite cocktails available to choose from.

Amc Dine In Entry Way Into Cinema

Currently, there are two different versions of the AMC Dine In menu – Full Service and Delivery to Seat. Thankfully, most of the food is quite similar to no matter which option you choose.

Full Service is where you can buy your movie ticket, grab a seat in their comfy recliners, and order when you’re ready. Yep – it’s table service in the cinema itself. Delivery to Seat varies a bit where the staff brings your order to your seat, but you have to order from the counter beforehand.

No matter which option is available at the AMC near you – we know you’re going to like it. The service is so popular, AMC continues to expand their Dine In locations around the states. Management has even hired a promotional team to create a video showcasing the AMC Dine In menu – it sums it up quite nicely, I’d say, in less than 30 seconds as well.

Is it expensive?

Surprisingly, the experience is actually quite good value. As the largest cinema chain in the world (literally), AMC has developed massive economies of scale, allowing them to provide an exceptional in-theater menu at a very reasonable price. With that being said, now you know how much their Dine In menu costs,  you’ll also know that it’s quite a bit higher than AMC’s traditional popcorn and candy bar prices.

Simply because they’re providing an upmarket experience with a higher quality overall menu. Both of those combined and the prices are bound to be at a slightly higher level.

Does the menu ever change?

As we’ve seen, their menu has been steady for a little while now. This is based on many of the photos taken by AMC customers of their menu and posted online.

However, we’d hate to see AMC playing it safe and sticking to the same menu for an extended period of time. Nothing would bore their customers more. Want to see some new additions to their menu? Go ahead and tell them – with enough concerns being raised maybe they’ll change it. New items on their menu will consistently excite and surprise movie-goers paying their Dine In locations a visit.

Where Are The Dine In Locations?

There are two types of Dine In services that AMC provide – Full Service and Express Pick-up. Here’s a table showing which theater offers which:

Dine-In TypeLocationCinema
Full ServiceAtlantaAMC DINE-IN Athens 12
Full ServiceAtlantaAMC DINE-IN Buckhead 6
Full ServiceAtlantaAMC DINE-IN Webb Gin 11
Full ServiceBostonAMC DINE-IN Framingham 16
Full ServiceBridgewaterAMC DINE-IN Bridgewater 7
Full ServiceChicagoAMC DINE-IN Block 37
Full ServiceChicagoAMC DINE-IN Yorktown 18
Full ServiceCincinnatiAMC DINE-IN Cincinnati 9
Full ServiceColumbusAMC DINE-IN Easton Town Center 30
Full ServiceDallas / Ft. WorthAMC DINE-IN Grapevine Mills 30
Full ServiceDallas / Ft. WorthAMC DINE-IN Mesquite 30
Full ServiceEdisonAMC DINE-IN Menlo Park 12
Full ServiceKansas CityAMC DINE-IN Studio 28
Full ServiceLos AngelesAMC DINE-IN Fullerton 20
Full ServiceLos AngelesAMC DINE-IN Marina 6
Full ServiceLos AngelesAMC DINE-IN Ontario Mills 30
Full ServiceMiami / Ft. LauderdaleAMC DINE-IN Coral Ridge 10
Full ServiceMissoula, MtAMC DINE-IN SOUTHGATE 9
Full ServiceNashville, TnAMC DINE-IN Thoroughbred 20
Full ServiceOrlando / Daytona BeachAMC DINE-IN Disney Springs 24
Full ServicePhiladelphiaAMC DINE-IN Painters Crossing 9
Full ServicePhoenixAMC DINE-IN Esplanade 14
Full ServiceRaleigh DurhamAMC DINE-IN Holly Springs 9
Full ServiceRichmond, VaAMC DINE-IN Midlothian 10
Full ServiceSt. LouisAMC DINE-IN West Olive 16
Full ServiceTopeka, KsAMC DINE-IN Manhattan 13
Full ServiceWest OrangeAMC DINE-IN Essex Green 9
Delivery to SeatAtlantaAMC DINE-IN North Point Mall 12
Delivery to SeatBirmingham, AlAMC DINE-IN Vestavia Hills 10
Delivery to SeatChicagoAMC DINE-IN 600 North Michigan 9
Delivery to SeatChicagoAMC DINE-IN Northbrook Court 14
Delivery to SeatDallas / Ft. WorthAMC DINE-IN Clearfork 8
Delivery to SeatDallas / Ft. WorthAMC DINE-IN Stonebriar 24
Delivery to SeatDenverAMC DINE-IN Southlands 16
Delivery to SeatKansas CityAMC DINE-IN Legends 14
Delivery to SeatLos AngelesAMC DINE-IN South Bay Galleria 16
Delivery to SeatNew JerseyAMC DINE-IN Shops at Riverside 9
Delivery to SeatNew OrleansAMC DINE-IN Clearview Palace 12
Delivery to SeatNew York CityAMC DINE-IN Levittown 10
Delivery to SeatPhoenixAMC DINE-IN Desert Ridge 18
Delivery to SeatSan DiegoAMC DINE-IN Poway 10

From our research, by far, the most popular item on the menu at AMC is the Boneless Wings. For just $10 (varying from cinema to cinema), you’ll get yourself some of the best chicken wings any theater in American is serving up today. Delicious.

Next on the top-rated menu items is the Smoky Jalapeno burger. At just $12.49, it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other items on the menu, but the kick of spice of well worth it. Unfortunately, it’s only available at select Dine In locations.

Boneless Chicken Wings On The Menu At Amc

Now – even though those are two of the favorites available, that doesn’t mean you always have to get them when you’re choosing from the AMC Dine-In menu. We encourage you to explore all the different styles of dishes available and then pick a winner for yourself. Most importantly, report back and tell us which item was favorite as well!

Is the candy bar better?

That’s a question only you can answer, but we can shed some light on which way to go.

Think of it like this – what type of experience are you looking for? If you’re just looking to go to the movies to catch up on the latest blockbuster or take the kids out to entertain them for a few hours, then a trip to the normal AMC cinemas may be better worth your while.

Not Feeling Like Popcorn Amc Dine In Can Help You

On the other hand, if you’re looking to take your movie-watching experience to the next level with a delicious meal, a fantastic entree, and some cocktails or wine to pair them with, then re-read the menu above because you’re heading to AMC Dine In.

Not only will your taste buds be jumping for joy for giving them a break of the traditional popcorn, but your body will be thanking you too. AMC Dine In comes with some of the most comfortable seating there is. Luxury reclines throughout. Fantastic. Still not convinced? Check out this Youtube video released by AMC showcasing a bit more about the Dine In experience.

Talk To Dine In Staff

If you want to get in touch with some of the staff at AMC and talk to them about their Dine In menu? We recommend sending them a message on one of their social media accounts:

Social media not for you? Feel free to give them a call directly on 877-262-4450. Otherwise, your best bet will be to find the Dine In Location closest to you and call them directly. They should be able to answer any and all questions you have about the menu and the prices on it.


All in all, the items on offer on the AMC Dine In menu are well worth the price they’re advertised for. Although some items more popular than others, you’ll be hard pressed to pick something and be disappointed with your selection. If you’re still unsure about what type of dishes and beverages to order, just ask your waiter. They likely know all the ins and outs of the best and worst meals on the menu. Enjoy!

If you have any further questions about the Dine In menu at AMC or how much each item costs – let us know in the comments below.

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