Event Cinemas Gold Class Menu And Prices

Event Cinemas Gold Class features one of the finest movie menus in Australia. Gourmet food, delicious wines, and a kid’s menu – all priced very reasonably for the quality.

Here is the latest menu for Gold Class with prices:

Menu ItemPrice

Small Plates

Golden Crinkle Cut Fries$12.00
Sweet Potato Fries$14.00
Fries 3 Ways$18.50
Twice Cooked Buffalo Chicken Wings$19.50
Vietnamese Spring Rolls$18.50
4 Cheese Arancini$19.00
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Skewers$19.00
Dynamite Spic Tuna Sashimi Tacos x 4$21.00
Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid$19.00
Spicy Popcorn Prawns$19.00


Angus Royale w/ Cheese$27.00
Classic LA Style Cheeseburger$27.00
Slow 'n' Low Smoked & Pulled Pork$27.00
Southern Friend Chicken$27.00
Grilled Haloumi$27.00
Spicy Karaage Chicken Bao Buns$27.00

Bigger Platers

Hot Dog (w/ fries)$24.00
Signature Nachos$25.00
Fish & Chips$25.00

Kid's Menu

Cheeseburger Slider & Fries$13.00
Crispy Chicken & Fries$13.00
Smashed Avocado on Toast$13.00
Ice Cream Sundae$10.00


Di Parma$25.00


Gold Class Sundae$24.00
After Dinner Mint Sundae$24.00
Smores Waffles & Ice Cream$19.00
Nutella Donuts$19.00
Death by Chocolate Brownie$18.00
Devonshire Tea$16.00
Cheese Platter$30.00

What makes Gold Class so special?

Let me be the first to tell you, it’s not just about the food in the brilliant menu you see above. There’s a whole lot more behind the overall Gold Class experience.

For one – let me tell you a little about the different types of seating you’ll be enjoying. Ultra-luxurious, fully-reclining, plush leather seats. You’ll struggle to stay awake during the movie given how comfortable you’re going to be.

In Seat Service Is Available Bringing Food Right To You

In Seat Service Is Available Bringing Food Right To You

A lounge like no other. Gain exclusive access to the Gold Class lounge with your admission ticket and sip on a glass of wine or a cocktail. Perfect to unwind or catch up before the entertainment begins.

In-seat service. No no, don’t get up – everything’s going to be delivered right to your chair with their fantastic waiter service. Be pampered beyond your belief while you get food and drink delivered right to you without interruption to your movie.

Plush Recliners At Gold Class Are Able To Fully Extend

Plush Recliners At Gold Class Are Able To Fully Extend

All of that together forms an experience Event Cinemas likes to call the Gold Class. You tell me..is it worth it? Scrap that – I’ll tell you – you bet it is.

Are there any specials or deals available?

Yep – Event Cinema has a page full or promotions and deals that you can use at Gold Class.

One of the longer running deals is the Gold Class Package for 2. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 2 Gold Class tickets
  • 2 glasses of house wine
  • Choice of 5 items from the small plates menu

That will cost you $159. Not bad for what could potentially be a whole night of entertainment.

If you’re not up for any of the food, you can grab this Gold Class Experience  for $100:

  • 2 Gold Class tickets
  • $20 bar voucher

A couple of drinks with a movie and you’re set.

If you want to buy any of these promotions or check out what else they have to offer, click here.

What’s the most popular item on the menu?

If you’re into Sashimi, you can’t go to the Gold Class and not get the Spicy Tuna Sashimi Tacos. They come with avocado cream, black sesame, and chipotle mayo, and they’ll also certainly make you wonder whether the food’s better than the movie itself.

Tuna not for you? Give their signature a dish a try – Nachos. It comes with slow-cooked chilli beef, black beans, cheddar, sour cream, spiced avocado, tomato salsa, and jalapenos. You’ll be asking for the recipe before the drive home.

A Sample Of The Food On The Menu

A Sample Of The Food On The Menu

And for dessert, although the Gold Class Sundae does sound invitingly delicious, the Cheese Platter will pair far smoother with that glass of wine you’re enjoying.

All in all, nearly everything on their menu will leave you pleased with your decision. So don’t fret too much about what you’re going to get – just enjoy the experience as a whole.

If you do, you’ll more than realise Gold Class is worth it.

Where are the Gold Class locations?

All set on indulging a little and being pampered with a Gold Class experience? Fantastic! You’ll just need to find where the closest one is to you.

Here’s a list of all the Gold Class locations:

Australia Fair CinemaSouthport, QLD
Bondi JunctionBondi Junction, NSW
CampelltownCamptelltown, NSW
CarindaleCarindale, QLD
Castle HillCastle Hill, NSW
ChermsideChermside, QLD
CoomeraCoomera, QLD
Garden CityUpper Mount Gravatt, QLD
George StreetSydney, NSW
IndooroopillyIndooroopilly, QLD
InnalooWoodlands, WA
KotaraKotara, NSW
LoganholmeShailer Park, QLD
MacquarieMacquarie Park, NSW
MarionOaklands Park, SA
MirandaMiranda, NSW
North LakesNorth Lakes, QLD
Pacific FairBroadbeach Waters, QLD
ParramattaParramatta, NSW
RobinaRobina, QLD
SpringfieldSpringfield Central, QLD
WhitfordHillarys, WA

Click on each to locate it in Google Maps.

A bit about Event Cinemas

Can you believe Event Cinemas is now over a century old? Yep. It was founded over 100 years ago in 1913.

Today, it operates under the company Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd, whose own parent company is Event Hospitality and Entertainment.

Across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, there are more than 80 locations at which locals can catch the latest and greatest blockbusters to hit the big screens.

Gold Class Is An Experience To Remember

Gold Class Is An Experience To Remember

Gold Class itself, was a creation to combat the exponential decrease in people going to the cinemas due to high prices and online streaming platforms becoming more available. And the experiment has been wildly successful.

Along with Hoyts Lux, and Village Cinemas Gold Class, Event Cinemas’ own premium movie watching experience offering has successfully managed to maintain, and even increase, growth in the Australian cinema industry.

I managed to find a little promotional video on Gold Class to try and boost sales. It’s a little old so don’t mind the quality.

What’s next for Event Cinemas? That’s a question I don’t have the answer to. I can only speculate that they’ll continue to expand the locations of their Gold Class cinemas, and continue to focus on the experience of going to the cinemas rather than just watching a movie.

How can you contact them?

If you’d like to get in touch with Event Cinemas directly to ask them questions about the menu, I’d recommend messaging one of their social media accounts:

Social media not your thing? Unfortunately, they don’t offer a single point of contact which you can call to talk to them. Your best bet would be to click on the closest Gold Class to you in the table above and call the number on their Google listing.

Or, you can check out their FAQs here. There’s a section dedicated to Gold Class as well (but it doesn’t have much info).


Gold Class isn’t just about watching a movie, it’s about turning a trip to the cinemas as an event to remember, as a night you’ll look forward to.

With a fantastic menu to choose from with prices to match, waiter service, a drinks menu worthy of a 4-star restaurant, and seating that’ll leave you wondering if you’re on a cloud, you’ll be hard pressed not to give Gold Class a go.

If you have any other questions about Gold Class, its menu, or the prices of any of the food, let me know in the comments below.