Odeon's Popcorn Is Very Tasty And Reasonably Priced

Odeon Cinemas is one of the most popular cinema chains in the UK, with over 120 locations available for you to watch the latest blockbusters on the big screen. Spruce up your experience a little by grabbing some delicious food (the popcorn’s amazing!) to snack on.

Here are the latest food and popcorn prices at Odeon:

Menu ItemPrice


Regular Popcorn£4.90
Large Popcorn£5.30
1 x Popcorn Topping (Mini Rolos, Smarties, Mini Oreos, Pretzels)£1.00
3 x Popcorn Topping (Mini Rolos, Smarties, Mini Oreos, Pretzels)£2.00
Hot Dog£5.50
Regular Nachos£5.50
Large Nachos£6.00
Nachos Topping (cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour scream)£0.85


The Classic (regular popcorn or nachos, regular soft drink)£6.95
The Deluxe (large popcorn or hot dog or nachos, large soft drink)£7.50
The Sharer (large popcorn or hot dog or nachos, bag of sweets, 2 large soft drinks)£11.50
Family Feast (regular popcorn, 2 soft drinks, 2 kids mixes)£10.99
Kids Mix (kids popcorn, kids drink, kids treat)£3.95


Small Soft Drink£2.95
Regular Soft Drink£3.20
Large Soft Drink£3.50
Small Ice Blast£2.05
Medium Ice Blast£4.25
Large Ice Blast£4.80


Regular Candy£2.65
Large Candy£3.15

What’s the most popular food?

Popcorn has been the traditional go-to cinema snack for nearly 100 years now (after it was popularised in the USA during the Great Depression), and there’s no doubt in my mind or your mind, that’s it continues to be the most popular snack of choice for all customers visiting their local Odeon.

It’s easy to snack on, doesn’t leave a mess (usually), doesn’t make too much noise (looking at crisps), and pair perfectly with a nice cup of soft drink to wash it down.

Want more convincing? Check this out:

You’re stronger than I am if you can confidently walk into their cinema, buy a ticket, and continue to walk past the food counter and not end up buying a tub of popcorn. The smell of it just draws me in as soon as I step foot inside! It’s heavenly.

Of course, popcorn isn’t the only food on their menu. If you’ve gotten a bit tired of popcorn and want to change things up a bit, Odeon’s spent quite a bit of time perfecting their nachos, and they’ve done a pretty good job of it. They offer a range of extra you can put on top to customise it exactly the way you want. Again, nachos go very well with a coke on the side.

Odeon's Nachos Aren't Too Shabby

Odeon’s Nachos Aren’t Too Shabby (source)

Whatever you choose, you’ll be hard pressed not to enjoy it.

I’d love to hear what you think of their popcorn if you’ve tried it! Let me know in the comments below.

Are there any vouchers or deals you can use?

I’ve spent a bit of time looking all over the place for popcorn vouchers or anything similar, and sorry to say, but I’ve been unable to find any. I know I know! That’s definitely not what you wanted to hear. But it’s somewhat of a sad truth.

Odeon seems to be reluctant in giving out or sharing any specials deals for their food and drinks. One of the likely reasons this is the case is because many of the largest cinema chains in the world rely on their food to boost their profits to an acceptable margin. And Odeon isn’t any different.

Specials On At Odeon In November 2018

Specials On At Odeon In November 2018

If you do want to double check yourself, check out this page. It’s their official deals and promotions page, but there’s not much food on it, unfortunately.

Otherwise, you can sign up to become a member, or subscribe to their newsletter – likely the best way to receive deals as soon as they’re available.

Can you bring in outside food?

Fantastic news! If you aren’t too keen on buying some food from their menu, you’re allowed to bring your own food into Odeon. Whether it’s from the grocery store, a snack from home, or a coffee from across the street – it doesn’t matter, they’ll let you bring it in.

Odeon does have one rule about food that isn’t theirs though – it can’t be an alcoholic beverage, and it can’t disturb the other guests (no hot or strong smelling food). Other than that, you’re good to go. Heck, if you want to bring your own popcorn – you can!

Here’s a quote from Odeon themselves on their outside food policy:

Yes, it’s a bit old, but here’s another more recent one:

Odeon Allows You To Take Food Into Their Cinemas From Outside Locations

Odeon Allows You To Take Food Into Their Cinemas From Outside Locations

Is the popcorn vegan?

Vegetarianism and veganism and exploded over the past 10 years. Thousands of restaurants have gracefully adopted the change and now offering fully-fledged vegan meals, and high quality ones at that. Grocery stores have similarly adapted the changing consumer tastes, now stocking a plentiful range of vegan food options. And cinemas are no different.

Odeon always listens, consistently changing and updating their menu based on what the customer (you and I) want. So I have to applaud them for it. Over more recent years, they’ve made a few important changes to their menu, to help you make the right choices.

One piece of fantastic news is that yes! Their popcorn is vegan. On top of that, their Nachos is vegan as well (only if you get it with salsa though). It’s been confirmed by Odeon themselves:

Making sure it’s vegan is one thing, but it’s also important to know how many calories are in the popcorn and other snacks.

Here’s a table with some nutritional info on their most popular items:

Menu ItemCalories
Small Popcorn357
Large Popcorn812
Hot Dog277
Regular Nachos554
Large Nachos756
Partymix (candy)333
Milk Chocolate Raisins410
Cola Bottles335

Keep in mind that it may vary slightly from cinema to cinema.

Click here to download a PDF of their full nutritional information.

A bit about Odeon

Oscar Deutsch is the one responsible for establishing Odeon back in 1928, when he put together their first location in Brierley Hil, Staffordshire. And I’d like to thank him for it! Although it wasn’t called Odeon in the beginning, rather, it took the name Picture House.

The First Odeon Cinema

The First Odeon Cinema (source)

It wasn’t until 1930 that the first Brits would be mouthing the name Odeon when taking a trip to watch the latest flicks in the cinemas. That was in Perry Bar, Birmingham.

Today, they’ve ;grown to become the largest cinema chain the UK (by market share) with over 120 locations, and 11 in Ireland as well.

Fun fact: Odeon stands for Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation – that he’s certainly doing! Even well past his time on Earth.

Just recently in 2016, Odeon changed hands for $921 million. The news owners, AMC Theaters (based in the US), became the world’s largest cinema chain. The deal was finalised in November 2016 after it received approval from the European Commission.

One initiative Odean began to bring back customers after Netflix started to steal them, was to introduce a monthly membership subscription. And it’s been a major success.

For just £17.99/month, you can watch all the movies you can, as many times as you want. It’s called Limitless, and you even get 10% off food and popcorn prices when you show your card in cinema. Click here to learn a bit more about it.

How can you contact them?

If you’d like to get in touch with them, the most effective way would be to send them a message on social media:

You can check out their FAQs here to see if your question’s already been answered, or you can start a live chat with a representative here.


All in all, Odeon delivers a great cinematic experience with plenty of food items on the menu to choose from.

Sure, the prices may be a little higher than what you can get them for elsewhere, but it’s an important part of their business sustainability.

If you have any more questions about Oden or their food prices, let me know in the comments.