Hoyts has one of the most popular candy bars in Australia. The smell of their popcorn makes it so hard to resist grabbing a tub on the way in! So what are the prices like?

Here are the latest popcorn, candy bar, and food prices for Hoyts:

Food ItemPrice


Popcorn (junior)$5.60
Popcorn (small)$8.15
Popcorn (regular)$9.15
Popcorn (large)$10.15
Popcorn (xtreme)$11.15
Gourmet Popcorn - Salted & Sweet$9.80
Gourmet Popcorn - Caramel Varieties$10.80


Popcorn & Drink (junior)$11.30
Popcorn & Drink (small)$14.95
Popcorn & Drink (regular)$16.95
Popcorn & Drink (large)$18.95


Soft Drink (snack)$5.80
Soft Drink (small)$6.80
Soft Drink (regular)$7.80
Soft Drink (large)$8.80
Soft Drink (xtreme)$10.80
Frozone (on top of soft drink)+$1.00
Pump Water$6.70
Mt Franklin$5.20
Powerade & Barista Bros$6.20
Keri Juice$5.30
Keri Juice Pop Top$4.70
Ginger Beer$5.50


Maltesers, M&Ms, Pods (regular)$7.50
Maltesers, M&Ms, Pods (family size)$10.50
Starburst Party Mix (regular)$6.50
Starburst Party Mix (family size)$8.90

Ice Cream

Choc top$6.40


Smiths Chips$5.60
Burger Rings$5.60
Red Rock Deli$5.60
Grain Waves$5.70

Why Is Hoyts Popcorn Expensive?

If you’ve watched a movie at Hoyts recently, there’s a 97% chance you’ve asked this question. Here’s the answer:

Because they can. And more importantly, they need to.

Traditionally, cinema chains have an low profit margin on ticket sales themselves. There are even candid reports by some managers of theatres in the United States that the only way the business was able to stay profitable, was through the sales of popcorn and candy bar items.

USA Cinema Chains Charge High Prices For Popcorn As Well

Having a similar market and economy with the US, it can be said cinema chains in Australia are quite similar:

Candy bar and popcorn prices are so high, because it’s one of the main profit drivers for Hoyts.

Without the massive sales of their food items, ticket prices would have to drastically increase to make up for the lost revenue.

This would then lead to fewer and fewer patrons watching movies at the cinemas, having been forced out by the higher ticket prices. Which would then lead to lower food sales, and an overall general decline in the Hoyts corporation.

Hoyt’s occassionaly runs promotions (or reminders) for the candy bar before the movie starts. Here’s one of the more memorable versions with the M&M twins:

With Hoyt’s popcorn prices as they are, is there any way you can get your hands on some of their scrumptious popcorn at a discounted price? Keep reading below for the coupons.

What Other Food Is There Besides The Candy Bar?

If you’re lucky enough, your local Hoyts if also a Hoyts Lux – a premium, ultra-luxurious movie watching experience. The Hoyts Lux menu is out of this world, where you’ll find a range of freshly prepared gourmet meals and wonderful beverages to choose from.

Hoyts has partnered with Manu Fieldel, one of the judges on Masterchef, to create the menu for them. It’s an experience in and of itself. One surely you’ll never forget.

With that being said, prepare to fork out more than a bit more cash to dine in the Lux Experience.

Are Other Cinemas Cheaper?

Yes & no. Prices to vary among the large cinema chains in Austalia. For example – you can see that Village Cinemas popcorn prices are slightly lower than Hoyts.

With that being said, most of the cinema chains in Australia have adopted high prices for almost all items on their candy bar menu.

It’s just the way the industry has built itself up, by making a big portion of its profit on the sale of popcorn and drinks.

Of course, there are many smaller cinema operators in Australia which don’t charge exorbitant prices for their popcorn. Most of these are locally based so you’ll just have to do some exploring on your own.

What’s The Best Candy Bar Food?

Popcorn, by far, is the most popular item at the Hoyts candy bar. Coming in at a close second, would have to be their delicious Choc Top ice cream. A delightful waffle cone, filled with ice cream, covered in chocolate. Yum.

There’s no doubt that cinemas deliberately fill the air with the smell of their popcorn goodness. Not only does it create an instant connection of childhood memories, but it also increases the temptation of heading to the candy bar and buying some.

Popcorn Is The Most Popular Item On The Candy Bar Menu

Why is popcorn such a great movie snack? It’s easy to eat, not very messy, can be eaten in silence, can be covered in a wide range of flavours, and can be made at a rapid pace. Perfect for the cinema setting.

Are There Any Popcorn Coupons?

Generally, no. As in, you won’t find Hoyts sending out a pamphlet with a bunch of coupons on it containing 2-for-1 deals on Large Popcorn at the local cinema.

On top of that, you’ll be lucky to find Hoyts even advertising anywhere for special pricing of their candy bar. But, there is still a way you can save a bit of cash if you must buy some snacks.

By signing up to their loyalty program, known as Hoyts Rewards. You’ll get access to a range of specials and deals. Not only on their popcorn and candy bar items, but also on the cost of their ticket prices. Not bad at all. Better yet – it’s 100% free.

The Groupon Deal Occasionally Available On Groupon

One other way to grab a deal is through Groupon. There is one deal, which has been repeatedly available on Groupon – Regular Popcorn, Regular Drink, and a Choc Top for $16.50. You can find it here. It’s quite sporadic, unfortunately, and is often sold out or unavailable.

Other than that, there are very few ways to purchase some snacks at a discounted price at Hoyts. But hey, what’s a movie without some popcorn to snack on?

Talk To Hoyts Candy Bar Staff

There are a few ways you can get in touch with Hoyts to ask them any questions you have about their candy bar. Your best bet would be to head to social media:

If that doesn’t work, unfortunately, Hoyts doesn’t have a universal phone number for general enquiries. You’ll have to find the number of the Hoyts closest to you and call them directly.

Lastly, you can skim through their FAQs to see if you’re question has already been answered.


All in all, a trip to the movies, traditionally, isn’t complete without making a pit stop at the candy bar on the way in and grabbing a bucket full of popcorn with some drinks.

Due to the high price of Hoyt’s popcorn, more and more people are opting to bring their own food to the movies instead.

If you have any questions about the popcorn or other food prices at Hoyts, let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your movie!

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