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Find out all there is to know about the Village Gold Class menu. Discover the foods & drinks on their menu, as well as how much each one of the items is going to cost you.

Here are the latest prices for Village Cinemas Gold Class Menu:

Menu ItemPrice

From The Kitchen

Dips Board$18.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls$18.00
Prawn Twisters$20.00
Classic Wedges$18.00
Deluxe Bacon Wedges$21.00
Greek Wedges$24.00
Louisiana Spiced Chicken Tenders$19.00
Falafel Wrap$18.00
Fish Tacos$19.00
Chicken Tacos$19.00
House Cooked Nachos$21.00
Salt Water Barramundi & Chips$24.00
Chicken Parma & Fresh Mozzarella Wrap$23.00
Prosciutto Pizza$24.00
Mushroom Spinach & Halloumi Pizza$24.00
Chicago Style Hot Dog$19.00
Beetroot, Quinoa & Feta Burgers$23.00
Gold Class Mini Burgers$25.00
BBQ Pulled Pork Rolls$25.00

Side Dishes

Thick Cut Chips$5.00
Beer Battered Onion Rings$5.00
Sweet Potato Chips$5.00
Shoe String Fries$5.00

Children's Meals

Chicken Strips & Chips$22.00
Margherita Pizza$22.00
Fish & Chips$22.00
Burger & Chips$22.00


Warm Chocolate Pudding$16.00
Lemon Meringue Tart$16.00
Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting$16.00
Salted Caramel Waffle Sundae$21.00
Brownie Sundae$21.00
Gourmet Cheese Selection$29.00
Rocky Road Popcorn$13.00
Salted Caramel Popcorn$13.00
White Raspberry Popcorn$13.00
Popcorn Sampler$19.00

Why Is Village Gold Class Good?

In more ways than one. The Gold Class menu is something to be admired – standing more than a few levels above the standard experience you’ll get when watching a movie at one of the traditional cinemas at Village, or at any cinema for that matter.

Not only is the Gold Class menu at Village Cinemas one of the best being served up at any of the luxury cinemas in Australia. The service and extra amenities you’ll be greeted with come together to form an experience that’ll leave you walking away wondering whether the food and service were better than the movie itself.

At each Gold Class location, all the work is done for you. Personal waiter service, luxurious reclining seats, gourmet food from a well-designed menu, and of course, world-class cinema sound and technology.

Village Cinemas Delivers A Fantastic Movie Watching Experience With Gold Class
Village Cinemas Delivers A Fantastic Movie-Watching Experience With Gold Class

Did we mention the fantastically put-together menu? It’s worth mentioning again because it’s unbelievably delicious. Pair it with a great movie and you’ve got a date-worthy for the Queen herself.

The menu itself has been designed to take advantage of the many wonderful primary producers here in Australia – all passionate experts in their field of cultivating the finest ingredients possible.

Village works closely with each of its food suppliers, helping develop exclusive items on their Gold Class menu to continuously serve up plates that’ll leave even the fussiest of eaters jumping for joy.

If you haven’t had the joy of experiencing some of the delicious bites available on the Gold Class menu yet, it can be a bit intimidating at first with the wide variety and selection of foods to choose from. So let’s take a look at what items are already topping the list on the menu.

With that being said, they have some tough competition with the Hoyts Lux Menu having been designed by one of the most famous celebrity chefs in Australia, Manu Feildel.

On a side note, Village made a short promotional video for Gold Class a few years back when it was first hitting the cinemas:

What’s The Best Food On The Gold Class Menu?

If you’re after something a little on the lighter side to enjoy with your movie, the cold Fish Tacos are a great little side to snack on.

Otherwise, for a meal that’ll leave you wholly satisfied, consider the Salt Water Barramundi & Chips. A delicious piece of fish with a side of chips cooked to perfection. Delicious.

Salt Water Barramundi Fish & Chips On The Menu At Gold Class
Salt Water Barramundi Fish & Chips On The Menu At Gold Class

Those are just two of our favourites, and what we’ve heard a few others have enjoyed as well. Do you know what the good news is? You get to choose what you want, and you get to enjoy it with the movie you’ve chosen.

Either way, we definitely recommend you pair it with a glass of wine or cocktail to wash it all down. Lovely.

Is The Gold Class Menu Worth It?

If you’re heading to Village just to see a movie, without really wanting to indulge in a little up-market seating and food on the side – then no, Gold Class isn’t really worth the money seeing as though an admission ticket is nearly double the price of a standard one.

But, if you want to treat the whole movie-watching experience as just that – more of an experience, then Gold Class is definitely worth it.

Why Get Popcorn When You Can Get Gourmet Popcorn Instead
Why Get Popcorn When You Can Get Gourmet Popcorn Instead

The food, the service, the seats, the atmosphere – it’s completely different from your standard cinema. It’s something you’ll definitely remember for a while to come. And it’s something that may make it hard to go back to watching a movie at a standard cinema.

With all of that being said, if you’ve never experienced the Gold Class menu at one of Australia’s famous Village Cinemas – we recommend you do. The food, the menu, the drinks – it really is something else.

If, after what you’ve read so far, you’ve decided Gold Class isn’t for you – check out Village Cinemas candy bar instead.

Where Are The Gold Class Cinemas Located?

Not all Village Cinemas are accompanied by a Gold Class. So it’s good to find out beforehand if the one near you has it as an option.

Here’s a list of all the Village Gold Class locations:

VICCentury City
VICFountain Gate
VICJam Factory
VICPlenty Valley

Talk To Village Gold Class Staff

If you want to get in touch with Village Cinemas directly with any questions you have about their menu or the prices on it, send them a message on their social media:

Not into social media? You can send them a message directly through a form on their website. Or, you can check the FAQs to see if you’re question has already been answered.

Otherwise, find out where the closest Gold Class is to you and give them a call directly. They’ll be sure to have the answer you’re looking for.


As you can see, the Gold Class menu at Village Cinemas is one to certainly be desired.

Not only have the option to buy candy and sweets whilst watching your movie, now you can dine on some of the finest food offerings Australian cinemas have to offer.

If you have any more questions about their menu or the prices of each item on it – let us know in the comments below!

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